Our Brands

Mactex Oil Distribution Ltd puts it's customers first, we offer the best oils at affordable prices and unrivaled service. Our Main brands are Ecolubrium and Fuchs. Ecolubrium Lubricants cover the Automotive and Agriculture markets with  Fuchs Lubricants having the scope to cover every conceivable application, over 10,000 unique formulations are available to our customers.   There are a number of brands under the Fuchs umbrella, all of them available to our global customers.

Brands Include:

Fuchs Cassida - food range,

Fuchs Ecocool - metal working,

Fuchs Ecocut - Metalworking fluids

Fuchs Renolin - hydraulic oils,

Fuchs Renep - slideway oils,

Fuchs Titan - engine oils,

Fuchs Marine Oils

Fuchs Lubritech - specialist products,

Fuchs Renolit - grease,

Fuchs Anticorit - anti-corrosion,

Fuchs Ecocut - neat metalworking oils,

Fuchs Gearmaster - gear oils,

Fuchs Agrifarm - farm oils,

Fuchs Silkolene - motorcycle oils,

Fuchs Thermisol - quench oils,

Fuchs Renoform - concrete mould oil,

Fuchs Renoclean - cleaning fluids

Fuchs Pentosin - Specialist automotive fluids.

Along with many more high quality niche products.


The Ecolubrium brand was created in 2006 as a serious alternative to the more expensive global brands, it has since developed a worthy reputation for quality and real value. The philosophy behind the brand is to supply technically superior products at affordable prices.  This is achieved by streamlining the production process and only using premium base-stocks. The products are engineered to compete with the best on offer globally and are fast building the reputation we wished for.  The brand mainly focuses on the Agriculture, Automotive, Mining and Commercial markets and has an extensive range of products to offer these customers. All products are attractively packaged and well labelled ensuring products are easily identifiable. We can offer very attractive packages to distributors and re-sellers Internationally wishing to take on this brand.  If you would like to join our Global Distributor Network please contact us today.  Ecolubrium Lubricants, where quality meets value!

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Fuchs is the world’s largest independent lubricants company and a leader in product quality and continuous innovation, over 70% of its current turnover is generated by products developed in the last 5 years. We are very proud to appointed  Authorised Fuchs Lubricants Distribution Partners and are rapidly growing our international customer base.  We are confident their extensive range of premium products can cover virtually every application whether main stream or highly specialized. Fuchs is the brand of choice when it comes to quality and performance, virtually every vehicle manufactured worldwide has at least one Fuchs product associated with its manufacture or factory fill requirement.

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Fuchs (Shell) Cassida

Cassida, recognised as the world leader in “Food Grade” lubricants is now part of the Fuchs brand portfolio. In the Food or Pharma Industries where every process is critical and mistakes possibly fatal, risk needs to be eliminated.  Choosing Fuchs Cassida Food & Pharma grade lubricants is the clear choice to guarantee compliance whilst delivering exceptional consistent performance.

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Fuchs Lubritech

Lubritech is another division within the Fuchs group and specialises in oils and grease for extreme conditions and applications. Specialist industries covered include power generation, metal working, aerospace, mining, food & pharma. Extremes of temperature, extreme pressure, corrosive environments, and water contamination are only some of the arduous conditions catered for under the Lubritech brand.

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Fuchs Silkolene

If you own a motorcycle you know Silkolene as the best oil a bike can get. We carry a full range of motorcycle products.

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Mactex oil is our own in-house brand primarily aimed at the industrial market and in particular the metal working industry. We have been supplying products under this brand for many years. These products have been developed to fulfill bespoke customer requirements and are the result of hours of strenuous testing and development in partnership with some of the best industrial lubricants manufacturers in Europe. We can supply any industrial or metal working fluid under this brand at affordable prices with guaranteed results.

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Mactex Oil Distribution, supplying global brands with local service.