Ecocool Global 10


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FUCHS ECOCOOL GLOBAL 10 is designed to meet ALL the national chemical registries of the world’s major manufacturing markets while maintaining high performance in machining, foam control, hard water tolerance and pH stability. ECOCOOL GLOBAL 10 is suitable for machining a wide range of materials. It contains a novel lubricity package that makes it especially effective for aluminium and titanium machining. Studies on both aluminium drilling and titanium milling show dramatic improvements in tool life and metal removal rates. ECOCOOL GLOBAL 10 is a next generation water miscible coolant and employs raw materials that are intrinsically robust and provide long sump life. The emulsification system produces a tight stable emulsion that effectively tolerates tramp oils without producing objectionable residues.

Fuchs Ecocool Global 10 is the flagship product in our market leading FAD-Free chemistry portfolio of soluble metalworking fluids.

Technical Specification

Fuchs Ecocool FAD-Free "safe" Soluble Cutting Fluid.

Increased tool life

Increased sump life

Better surface finish

Safer working environment