Fuchs Ecocool Ultralife A+


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Fuchs ECOCOOL ULTRALIFE A+ is a high performance semi-synthetic coolant, which is both Boron free and FAD biocide free. The sump life of the emulsion is excellent and tool life has been shown to be significantly increased.  ULTRALIFE A+ is a "new / safe" design high performance semi-synthetic coolant for general to heavy duty machining on virtually all metals including aluminium alloys. 

ECOCOOL ULTRALIFE A+ is very well suited to the machining of stainless steels and automotive aluminium castings. Incorporation of non-staining extreme pressure additives and lubricity improvers ensures maximum tooling performance and enhanced surface finish on a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous feedstocks, including suitability for use on yellow metals. 

Available in Ireland from Mactex Oil Distribution Ltd, Authorised Fuchs Lubricants Distributor


Technical Specification

Fuchs ECOCOOL ULTRALIFE A+ Soluble Cutting Fluid, exceptional performance and FAD regulation compliant.

• Semi-synthetic formulation

• Boron free • Environmentally improved - does NOT contain sodium nitrite, phenols, triazene, PTBBA or chlorinated additives,

• FAD biocide free

• Offers exceptional sump life

• Developed with leading UK manufacturers

• Significantly increased tool life

• Superior corrosion protection even at lower concentrations

• Excellent lubrication to cutting operation and machine fixtures, slides etc

• Excellent surface finish quality and improved component finish 

• Excellent tramp oil rejection characteristics • Suitable for use on yellow metals