Agrifarm STOU MC 10w40

AGRIFARM STOU MC 10W-40 is recommended for use in engines, manual transmissions, hydraulic aggregates and final drives, with or without wet brakes, and multi plate differentials. Its special base oil and additive technology provide excellent deceleration values without any noises over the whole service period. Manual transmissions and gear-hydraulic-systems in agricultural or construction machinery with HD engine oil of type SAE 15W-30, SAE 15W-40 or SAE 10W-30 or SAE 10W-40 as service recommendation can also be switched to AGRIFARM STOU MC 10W-40. Manual transmissions having SAE 75W-90 and API GL4 service recommendation are also serviceable with AGRIFARM STOU MC 10W-40. Tractors working with composite equipment should be completely switched to AGRIFARM STOU MC 10W- 40 for safe working equipment. AGRIFARM STOU MC 10W-40 is miscible and compatible with conventional branded multifunctional oils.

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Specifications · API CG-4 · API GL-4 · SAE J300: SAE 10W-40 Approvals · DEUTZ DQC I-02 · FENDT KDM 17/2012 · ZF TE-ML 06B, 06F, 07B (ZF000729) FUCHS Recommendations · API GL5 in Tractors* · ACEA E3 · MAN 271 · AFNOR NFE 48603 HV, ALLISON C-4 · CASE MS 1207, 1209, 1210, 1230 · CNH MAT 3505, 3509, 3525, 3526 · DIN 51524-3: HVLP (-D) · FORD M2C134-D, M2C159 B/C · FNHA 2C-200.00, 201.00, FORD M2C48-C3, M2C-86 B · JOHN DEERE JDM J 20 C · New Holland 82009201/2/3 · NH030C, NH330G, NH410B, NH420A, NH 526C · MASSEY FERGUSON CMS M 1145 (1144/1143/1139/1135) · SAE J306: SAE 75W-90 · ZF TE-ML 06A, 06C, 06L * except HOLMER