Cool-Ant OAT 50

Cool-Ant OAT 50 (Ready to Use) Universal “Red” long-life coolant and antifreeze is a universal engine coolant / antifreeze suitable for all year-round use. It is designed for the coolant system in all gasoline and diesel engines, as well as protecting static cooling and heat transfer systems in industry. To help guarantee product performance it has been carefully blended 50:50 with de-mineralized water ensuring long lasting trouble-free performance under all performance criteria. Please do not dilute or mix with inferior products as the superior performance benefits may be lost.
Cool-Ant OAT 50 is a nitrite, amine, borate and phosphate free ethylene-glycol based engine coolant meeting British Standards BS 6580 1992 / 2010, and uses corrosion inhibitors employing organic acid technology (OAT) to provide corrosion protection for up to 5 years or 150,000 miles. If in doubt about the performance or compatibility with the previous fluid it is recommended to drain the system, to rinse and refill it with Cool-Ant OAT 50.

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Cool-Ant OAT 50 Premix protects multi-metal (steel, cast iron, aluminium, brass, copper, tin) against chemical or electrolytic corrosion and is compatible with elastomers normally used in these systems and provides total protection against freezing. It is strongly advised not to use hard water and not to dilute as this could possibly cause damage to cooling system in the form of corrosion or deposits