Ecocut PD 14

ECOCUT PD-14 is a chlorine free neat oil formulated for the broaching of titanium, developed in conjunction with a major manufacturer of jet engine components. It is also ideal for heavy duty general machining and gun drilling of low to high tensile steels, as well as precision auto machining of ferrous alloys. ECOCUT PD-14 is a low viscosity neat cutting oil based on a blend of highly refined mineral oils with a complex package of active extreme pressure additives and lubricity improvers. The high performance EP package makes it a versatile cutting oil, suitable for use on a wide variety of difficult to machine steels and alloys ECOCUT PD-14 is one of a range of FUCHS’ environmentally improved neat cutting oils and, as such, does not contain chlorinated compounds. Note ECOCUT PD-14 contains active sulphur, which may cause staining of yellow metals.

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