Extreme 0W30 SN

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Extreme 0w30 is a new era full synthetic “super multi-grade” engine oil formulated to meet the demands of today’s high-tech low emissions engines, and after treatment systems. It uses a blend of highly refined synthetic base oil and the latest available advancements in additive chemistry, setting new standards in engine oil performance. Extreme 0w30 has been developed for use in most modern Cars, Vans and SUV’s fitted with emissions after treatment systems and meeting the specifications below. Ideally suited to most European, American and Japanese petrol or diesel engines fitted with exhaust after-treatment systems

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Extreme 0w30 is primarily formulated to meet the performance demands and requirements of the most Petrol, Diesel and LPG engines under all conditions including vigorous high- speed and stop-start city driving. This engine oil delivers extended drain intervals, super engine protection and greatly increased fuel economy. API SN/CF ACEA A3/B3/B4, VW 500/505 BMW Longlife-04 MB 229.1 Also Porsche, Ford, Nissan,