HD Marine 570

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ECOLUBRIUM HD MARINE 570 is a premium quality, extra high-performance diesel engine cylinder oil designed for use on marine crosshead engines. It has an optimum viscosity of over 20cSt. at 100°C and low volatility to ensure excellent lubricant distribution and oil film retention. HD Marine 570 has demonstrated outstanding ring and liner protection and cleanliness under sustained operation. The use of synthetically enhanced additives ensures a long effective lubricant life and superior engine protection when compared to ordinary oils.

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ECOLUBRIUM HD Marine 570 is recommended for use in all marine crosshead diesel engines run on high sulphur fuel, residual fuel oil or heavy marine fuel. Its high BN helps to counteract the residual effects associated with the burning of such fuels and works hard to keep the engine clean and efficient. Ecolubrium Marine HD 570 can be mixed with all similar SAE 50 – 70 BN oils. / SPECIFICATIONS MAN B&W 2T Diesel Engines. WARTSILA Sulzer Diesel Engines.