High Temperature U-HVI 46

Ecolubrium Ultra High Temperature 46 is an extremely high viscosity hydraulic oil which maintains its viscosity and strength at even higher temperatures as well as its ability to remain constant under lower temperatures. This ability helps maintain accuracy of movement in machine rams, protects seals and pump parts whilst increasing the life of the oil. This is the ideal product for hedge cutting equipment, hydraulic wenches, and other high temperature high pressure situations. DIN 51524 Part 3. IS) CG 46, ISO 11158-HV, Denison HFO, Cincinnati Milacron P.68. Vickers Pass. can be used where a Poclain Type 46 is prescribed.

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Vickers M-2950-S Commercial Hydraulics HD2/900 Denison HF-0 & HF-2 Din 51524 Part 3, 51517 Part 3, Cincinnati Milacron P68-70 US Steel 127 Rexnord Air Release (IP 313)