Maintain Fricofin DP

MAINTAIN FRICOFIN DP is an antifreeze coolant concentrate based on mono ethylene glycol. It is free from nitrite, amine and phosphate. MAINTAIN FRICOFIN DP fulfils the requirements of the latest VW coolant additive specification VW TL 774-G (G12 ++). Additionally both passenger car and heavy duty applications are reliably protected against damages caused by cavitation, frost, corrosion and overheating especially in highly stressed aluminium engines. The latest developed SOAT component package (SOAT = Silicated Organic Acid Technology) provides fast build up and long lasting surface protection, especially to all components made of alloy. Drain intervals are mandatory to manufactures recommendations.

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Specifications : AFNOR NF R 15-601 TYPE 1 / ASTM D 3306 TYPE I / ASTM D 4985 / BS 6580:2010 / SAE J814 / CUMMINS CES 14603 Approvals : MAN 324 TYPE Si-OAT / MB-APPROVAL 325.5 ? MB-APPROVAL 325.6 FUCHS Recommendations : DETROIT DIESEL 93K217 / SCANIA TB 1451 / VW TL 774-G (G12++)