Power HSF SAE 40 BN 55

POWER HSF Lube SAE 40 BN55 is premium multipurpose crankcase lubricant designed for engines run on High Sulphur Fuel (HSF) or Residual Fuel Oil (RFO) or Distillate Fuels with a sulphur content of <3.5% predominately operating in the Marine or Power Generation industries. All HSF Lube Oils are blended using premium base oils and specially selected additives ensuring superior oxidation resistance and better BN performance over the entire life of the oil. Engine protection and cleanliness is further enhanced by using our unique Syntec® detergency and dispersancy additive pack designed to stop deposits forming and dissolve old deposits for removal via the filtration process. This enhanced cleaning and dispersancy process improves engine performance and reduces maintenance costs. POWER HSF SAE 40 BN55 mixes with most other lubricants of this nature and may be used to top up engines already running on other brand oils, best results are attained and full potential is evident when a complete oil change has taken place

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Medium speed stationary industrial power generation, marine propulsion or auxiliary engines especially Trunk Piston Engines operating on fuels with a sulphur content of <3.5%. Specifications, Approvals and Recommendations: Wartsila, MAN(B&W), KHD Deutz