Premium 15W40

ECOLUBRIUM PREMIUM 15W40 is a high performance multigrade engine oil, meeting current API classifications. Present day motor engineering environmental concerns and motoring conditions have necessitated the rapid advancement in lubricant design and performance thus the birth of this product specification.
ECOLUBRIUM PREMIUM 15W40 is a new generation multigrade engine oil manufactured from carefully selected base oils and the very latest additive technology. It meets covers most of the latest engine manufacturers requirements and specifications. It can be confidently supplied for most mixed fleet applications. Superior dispersant additives help maintain engine cleanliness in the latest diesel and petrol engines and strong detergent additives help reduce unwanted deposits in turbo charges and on pistons helping engines run better, more efficiently and for longer.

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ECOLUBRIUM PREMIUM 15W40, is suitable for normally aspirated and turbo charged highly stressed Diesel and Petrol engines, in heavy commercial plant, buses, industrial equipment along with passenger cars and vans. It is miscible with most synthetic and mineral based engine oils