Renolin Unisyn CLP 220

Mining, quarrying, exploration, agri, forestry, power generation, construction, transport, machinery, equipment, cement, lime, gypsum, forging, casting, metal processing,.

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RENOLIN UNISYN CLP oils are fully-synthetic industrial gear oils based on PAO with excellent wear protection, good ageing stability, very high VI and a very low pour point. They provide excellent air release properties, very good demulsibility and reliable protection against micropitting and white etching cracks. RENOLIN UNISYN CLP oils fulfil and surpass the requirements on CLP gear oils acc. to DIN 51517-3: CLP-HC, ISO 12925-1:CKC, CKD, CKE. Miscible and compatible with mineral oils. Approved by well-known gear manufacturers. RENOLIN UNISYN CLP 220 / 320 for use in the wind industry.