Renolit CXI 2

An optimized calcium sulphonate complex grease based on selected mineral oils. RENOLIT CXI 2 features excellent working stability, EP loadability and wear protection and shows good corrosion protection behaviour even in the presence of salt water. RENOLIT CXI 2 has low oil separation, it is water and aging resistant and can be used in a wide temperature range.

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180kg, 50kg


RENOLIT CXI 2 should be used for all lubrication points requiring a high performance concerning water resistance, working stability, EP and AW properties. RENOLIT CXI 2 is easily pumpable even in long tubes, fed by centralized lubrication systems. RENOLIT CXI 2 was developed to work under severe conditions in plain and roller bearings in steel mills, paper industry, mining, concrete industry, quarries and construction equipment. Approvals• Ford ESA-M1C 172-A