Titan Cargo EU 6 5w30

TITAN CARGO EU6 5W-30 is an Ultra High Performance engine oil based on the latest additive technology, which is especially developed for use in modern heavy duty engines. TITAN CARGO EU6 5W-30 is a low-ash engine oil that provides excellent compatibility with modern exhaust after treatment systems such as particulate filters, exhaust gas recirculation systems and catalytic converters and ensures their function throughout the lifetime of the vehicle. This ensures that, statutory exhaust emission limits are met sustainably. In addition TITAN CARGO EU6 5W-30 has excellent anti-wear properties and shows excellent piston cleanliness. Application TITAN CARGO EU6 5W-30 combines the latest ACEA and API specifications for the first time in one product. TITAN CARGO EU6 5W-30 is the ideal rationalisation product for the latest Euro 6 engines as well as for some Euro 4 and Euro 5 vehicles. The excellent specification profile meets the manufacturer’s requirements for their longest oil change intervals. As a result oil change intervals and costs can be optimised. TITAN CARGO EU6 5W-30 is miscible and compatible with conventional motor oils

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Specifications / ACEA E9/E7/E6 ? API CJ-4 / CAT ECF-3 / JASO DH-2 Approvals / DEUTZ DQC IV-10 LA / MACK EO-O PREMIUM PLUS / MAN M 3677 / MB-APPROVAL 228.51 / MTU TYPE 3.1 / RENAULT RLD-3 / SCANIA LA / VOLVO VDS-4 FUCHS Recommendations / CUMMINS CES 20081 / DETROIT DIESEL 93K218 / IVECO 18-1804 CLASSE TLS E6 / MAN M 3271-1