TITAN CYTRAC MAN SYNTH 75W-80 has been developed with ZF according to the specification ZF TE-ML 02L and can therefore be used in the specified components and operating conditions with extended drain intervals (refer to OEM manual). For gearboxes applied to MAN trucks the product is approved according to MAN 341 Z-4 (formerly “SL”). In the field, TITAN CYTRAC MAN SYNTH 75W-80 has been successfully proven for the longest oil change intervals and is recommended by FUCHS for drain intervals up to 500,000 km in MAN applications – refer to MAN 341 Z-4. TITAN CYTRAC MAN SYNTH 75W- 80 is also recommended for use in applications where truck manufacturers use ZF-gearboxes. In these cases the ZF approval is applicable. TITAN CYTRAC MAN SYNTH 75W-80 is miscible and compatible with conventional branded gear oils.

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Specifications : API GL-4 Approvals : MAN 341 Type Z4 / ZF TE-ML 01L, 02L, 16K (ZF001140) FUCHS Recommendations : DAF / EATON / IVECO / RENAULT / VOLVO 97307