Titan CYTRAC SL 75W-90

TITAN CYTRAC SL 75W-90 is outstanding in many ways due to the combination of high quality fully synthetic base fluids and a very modern additive technology. The good high-temperature stability of TITAN CYTRAC SL 75W-90 and its property of lowering the temperature in the gearbox makes extended oil-change intervals possible according to manufacturer’s recommendations. TITAN CYTRAC SL 75W-90 has proven its capabilities in a field test over more than 600,000km.

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Specifications : API GL-5 / SCANIA STO 1:0 Approvals : MAN 342 TYPE S1 Fuchs Recommendations : JOHN DEERE JDM J 11E / JOHN DEERE JDM J 11G / MB 235.8 / VOLVO V 97312 / ZF TE-ML 05B, 07, 08, 12B, 16F, 17B