Titan Sintopoid LS SAE 75W-140

TITAN SINTOPOID LS SAE 75W-140 complies with the wear protection requirements of API GL-5 and is suitable for the use in hypoid drives even under highest stress. Due to the additive chemistry used with LS-capable components (Limited Slip) the product can be used in both conventional and limited slip differentials. TITAN SINTOPOID LS SAE 75W- 140 can be used in passenger cars where a lubricant of this quality is specified. TITAN SINTOPOID LS SAE 75W-140 is miscible and compatible with conventional branded gear oils

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Specifications : API GL-5 – FUCHS Recommendations : BMW 83 22 2 282 583 / BMW 83 22 9 407 870 / CHRYSLER MS-8985 / FORD M2C192-A / JOHN DEERE JDM J 11 G / GM 12346140 / SCANIA STO 1:0