ECOLUBRIUM TURBO-SYN 15W40 LD-A (Long Drain – Africa) is a super-high performance multi-grade engine oil incorporating synthetic components. It is specially blended to overcome the harsh driving conditions associated with the African Continent. This product is suitable for HDDEO extended drain applications where approved by the engine manufacturer in Transport, Bus and Coach, Agriculture, Automotive, Marine, Plant, Construction and Mining Industries. Also suitable for use in Petrol and LPG engines, a totally universal mixed fleet lubricant.
ECOLUBRIUM TURBO-SYN 15W40 LD-A is a new generation engine oil manufactured from carefully selected premium base oils fortified with the very latest synthetic additive technology. It exceeds the requirements of the API and ACEA and those of most engine manufacturers (OEMs) as listed below. It can be confidently used for most mixed fleet applications. Superior dispersant and detergent additives help reduce unwanted deposits on both turbo and pistons thus ensuring prolonged engine cleanliness, economical running and extended engine life. The exceptionally high TBN helps neutralize the harmful effects of high sulphur fuels and promote extended drain.

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ECOLUBRIUM TURBO-SYN 15W40 LD-A is suitable for normally aspirated, CDI, turbocharged, super-charged and other highly stressed diesel and petrol engines. Ideal for heavy commercials, heavy plant, vans, buses, tractors, industrial equipment and passenger cars where an oil to this specification is required. It is miscible with most synthetic and mineral based engine oils. This product may also be used in small petrol and diesel engines (generators, pumps etc.) and can replace SAE 20, SAE 30, SAE 40, SAE 10w40, SAE 20w40 and SAE 20w50 in most cases.